Baby Ducklings for sale

Western Cape, George
Published 1 month ago
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Baby Ducklings for sale
Western Cape, George,
Published 1 month ago


We offer adorable Day-Old Ducklings shipped directly to your local post office. We can help you to choose a breed that best suits your needs, from hefty meat birds like the Pekin or the Rouen, to sweet pet varieties like the Crested and the Blue Swedish, or Top Layers, such as the Golden Layer or Khaki Cambell. Sexing is available for all ducklings. Whether choosing Hatchery Choice straight run, or picking out your own breeds and sexes, our babies are covered by our 48 hour live arrival guarantee.

Mallard Ducklings
Grimaud Hybrid Pekin Ducklings
Pekin Ducklings
Cayuga Ducklings
Khaki Campbell Ducklings
Hatchery Choice Ducklings
Rouen Ducklings
Blue Swedish Ducklings
Golden Layer Ducklings
White Crested Ducklings
Welsh Harlequin Ducklings
White Layer Ducklings
Buff Ducklings
Black Swedish Ducklings
Hatchery Choice Runner Ducklings
Heritage Ducklings
Fawn and White Runner Ducklings
Blue Runner Ducklings
Black Runner Ducklings
White Duclair Ducklings
Chocolate Runner Ducklings
Call Ducklings
Jumbo Pekin Ducklings
Ancona Ducklings


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